In order to connect to our new recently launched test network, you will need to simply do these steps:

This new testnet also have additional services, that will help to work with blockchain:

NEO3 测试币自动发放 NEO3 Testnet Faucet
申请 NEO3 测试币,请使用 NEO3 的地址。 Apply for NEO3 Testnet GAS, please use NEO3 address.
Github验证 verified by GitHub
该功能需要通过Google、Github进行身份验证 This feature needs to be verified by Google and Github
不正确的地址。请再次检查。 Invalid address. Please check your input.
资产已成功发放。 Assets were successfully sent.
每个用户每日可以通过该页面自动申请测试网 500个GAS。 This page can provides 500 Gas from testnet for one NEO address and one IP address every 24 hours